Watercolours 2024

Cupids Trip After Caravaggio 57cm x 38 cm
Embracing the Beast 57cm x 38 cm

Frolics After Fragonard 29 cm x 21 cm

Bunny Ears and the Devil 40cm x 30 cm

Blow 1865 40 cm x30 cm

Slap & Tickle 40cm x 30cm

Frolics in the Garden 40cm x 30 cm

Bathers After Titian 29cmx 21cm

Mignonettes and Pouch 40cm x 30cm

Manga Chick 42cm x 29cm

Cat O’ nine Tails 29cm x21cm

Ruler 29cm x 21 cm

Mignonettes Dressing Up 57cm x 38cm
Blow 1865 England 29cmx21cm
Whip Chicks 42cm x 30 cm

Boucher’s Bathers 29cm x21cm
Blow 2 29cm x21 cm

Swing 29cm x21 cm

The new series of watercolours started by experimenting with painting semi-abstracted figures in made up landscapes based on Fragonard, Titian and Boucher paintings, which soon led to other narratives from old erotic photographs, to contemporary images from manga and gay porn images, and performative figures taken from life. Using the viscosity of the paint and watery layers creating their own rhythms with the flick of colourful marks referencing what’s possibly garden settings without the botanical detail, the figures playing out their drama, merge and seem to be woven or entangled within their environment. Searching for a cross over between figurative and abstraction playing with the narrative and space.