Fallen Souls

‘I’m Afraid of the Fragility…’ print ,graphite ,collage ,acrylic on canvas 80 x60cm
‘I’m Tired of the Bullshit…’ print ,graphite ,collage ,acrylic on paper 150 x 300cm
‘I’m Tired of the Animosity…’ print ,graphite ,collage ,acrylic on paper 150 x 300cm
‘I’m Afraid of the Brutality…’ Mixed Media on Canvas 100x 150 cm

‘Fallen Souls’  is a series of mixed media art works on paper , fabric and canvas,  using a variety of processes and media from drawing ,painting , printing, collage, appliqué text and stitching.  

Formed from a performative activity, the printed body acting as a press, they reveal the  artists intimate features, skin textures , body shape and lipstick traces. The aftermath or residue  of the body printing is recorded photographically to reveal the detail of the graphite pigment on the skin. These photographs will be part of a larger set of limited edition prints, printed on archival paper, started by the artist in 2018.

Graphite and silver pigment is painted around rectangular frames referencing external features of buildings. 

Collaged wallpaper was used as well as silver, black  and white acrylic paint, which was sprayed through net curtains. The effect created acts as a reference to the domestic world.

Drawn and stitched grids, reference tiles and flooring and create external structures. These structures suspend the figure in the act of falling . She is somehow trapped and suspended like a puppet.

The Fallen Souls on fabric are works on embroidered bedsheets purchased at the local market in Estremoz Portugal. The body print sleeps or dreams of falling ,we are taken into the private intimate world of the bedroom – there is a vulnerability. She is afraid and tired…

‘I’m tired of the secrets and lies…’ Stitching grid on cotton sheet at Foundation Obras 2019
Installation view of mono print on floor and hanging of ‘I’m tired of the secrets and lies…’
Hanging of ‘I’m tired of the secrets and lies…’