Scribe Lines Prints

The Scribe series are ink drawings & new digital prints on Kozo paper. The text describes to ‘doing’ practices in my drawing and installation processes, which is embedded into the many layers of marks, embossing’s and brush marks.

A layer of painted flicks or rhythmical marks are painted into the each layer of graphite rubbings and embossing’s. Graphite delicately rubbed over the paper surface reveals the words, which then obscure into oblivion by a series of flicks and marks in layers of gouache. Drawing through a process of actions, responding from one material to another. One mark to another.One image to another. Finally, one page to another, using the language of the actions and bodily functions embedded within the work.

The text describes my drawing methods such as Writing, scribbling, engraving, etching, embossing, rubbing, erasing, scoring, burnishing, burning, sanding, pressing, printing, layering, hiding, filling, ripping, cutting, plastering, collaging, swiping, scraping, flicking, stitching,’

And my installation methods such as  ‘Pulling, twisting, tying, re-tying, knotting, undoing, re-knotting, snipping, cutting, stretching, wrapping, binding, tightening, slacking, weaving, throwing, dropping, climbing, leaning, clinging, aching, shouting, screaming, sweating,’

It has been written or drawn (as I think of producing the text as a drawing rather than writing) in English, Norwegian, Japanese and Persian.