Video/sound Installations

Stella Whalley ( Fine Artist) & Toby Bricheno (Composer) In ‘Bad Witches’ they present the viewer with short sequence of film clips, from a variety of sources, replacing sound with their own compositions of music and sound effects to build a tension and create various emotional states in the viewer. The emphasis of the film is placed on the viewers responses engaged in their experiences and collective memories when watching the video. The audience will be denied what the viewers are seeing only hearing the sound. Exhibited at Empire 11 57th Biennale Venice 2017

Project Title           London Basin 

An interactive collaboration from two countries

Toby Bricheno      Artist/Director/Composer            Studio   London 

Stella Whalley       Visual Artist                                Studio  Portugal

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, it doesn’t go away’ – Philip K. Dick (author)

A collaboration transferring Bricheno ideas and dreams verbally to Whalley to visualise through drawing mainly in charcoal, on large scale pieces in a studio in Portugal.

Transferring an image in Bricheno subconscious – into the conscious mind -through  audio down the phone to Whalley’s consciousness who interpretates it back into an image, like a human tv. From the constant story telling of his dreams in a different abstract instructional language Whalley will translate into a series of visual drawings revealing each change of direction in the under-drawing with continuous rubbing out and redrawing as a level of abstraction of layers of dreams like Chinese whispers. Recorded through stop-frame animation of the process, recording the rub out and re-drawing process revealing the history of the drawings.