Floating Floor

Cork installation Foundation Obras Portugal 2016 20meters

Monument at Foundation Obras Marble dust dead cork tree

I have worked with locally sourced materials such as cork and marble from Estremoz Portugal. I created a ‘Floating Floor’ 2016 curving over the rural landscape in the direction to the mountain of Evoramonte.From this residency I spent a lot of time researching local narratives and histories and became interested in the floors of buildings from Roman times to the Moorish tiles and current excavations made on the site to a previous 16th century house. The peeling back of these layers, to reveal previous inhabitants and their living behavior, fascinates me. The cork had recently been taken off the trees revealing their bright terracotta bleeding trunks; I sourced the cork from the local factories. The ‘Floating Floor’ references past civilizations casting shadows of their souls.