Decks & Cuts

‘I have previously made installations with chairs in ‘I can read your thoughts …’ 2000 and ‘Cascade’ 2016 where chairs were falling from the roof of a house in Italy. We associate chairs with our bodies , for rest ,comfort and support, therefore seeing chairs tumbling down a building shows a vulnerability, something breaking or collapsing. For this installation I have used deckchairs which we associate with holidays ,leisure and relaxation, but here I have used them as a building material creating structures to climb up or down. There is an element of using the domestic items in this installation as a form of desperation ,as the Grenfell tower victims tried to use sheets tied together to climb out to escape the fire but this was futile as they did not reach the ground. The surrounding paper cuts act as screens, trying to have privacy in urban tower blocks is difficult and tensions can build up. The paper is painted both sides ,silver and graphite to give a metallic quality to the surface. The cuts act as vents creating an architectural structure emphasised by the lighting projections and documented in a series of photographic prints. An interaction with moving the lights and screens are also recorded in an abstract video.’