Collapse 5 meters x 150cm charcoal & silver pigment on paper on mirror plates
Collapse detail
Breath, ‘all that’s left’ , ‘Collapsed monument’  lichen, ash, marble dust on 50x50cm mirror plates

This work for the CRASH show came from a series of experiments and tests made on a residency at Foundation Obras in Portugal in Sept 2017.This work was partly in response to the tragedy of Grenfell tower about the fragility of life, hope and inequality. The paper installations using drawing materials such as graphite, charcoal and silver pigment, are a reference to the towers, the movement of the brush marks are in contrast to the ridged cuts of ventilation shafts. The large piece 5 meters long collapsed as the cuts were too wide, but this has served a purpose for the CRASH show and new video work has been recorded from this as though the work will evolve into something new.

Materials from the environment of Evoramont marble dust was used to cover dead cork tree trunks as monuments in the landscape, here the marble dust is placed in a pile on a mirror plate as though the monument has collapsed. The dead cork trees act as a home for lichen not as a parasite; here it is displayed as a form of lungs on mirror plates. During this period a huge fire happened at my storage burning a life’s work so ash mixed with charcoal, silver and graphite dust is shown as a form of a brick, but the display of the three are in relation to living, cremation and monument.

Vent’           50cm x 250cm       Paper  Graphite ,Charcoal, Silver Pigment