‘Candy’ Oil on Canvas 100 x120 cm

A new body of work these figurative oil paintings on canvas drew initial inspiration from characters in film and news media. This fast evolved, twisting in story elements from various paintings and video installations.

A pastel world with playful elements that include teddy bears ,pandas, lollies, bubbles, stars and gnomes are contrasted by subtle yet shocking , violent imagery.

The protagonist could be contemplating philosophically, or completely void of emotion altogether. Meanwhile the bears and gnomes look on in shock, full of expression. Who is this woman and what has she done ?

‘Game Over’ Oil on Canvas 100x120cm
Goldilocks Oil on Canvas 120cm x100cm
‘Covid girl’ Oil on Canvas 100x100cm
‘Michaela’ Oil on Canvas 100x 100cm
Bubbles oil on canvas 100cm x 100cm
Norma oil on canvas