I’m Tired of …….

I’m Tired of ….. Installation Obras Foundation Portugal 2018
I’m Tired of the Bullshit Mixed Media on Paper 100x 300cm
I’m Tired of the Liars Mixed Media on Paper 100 x 300 cm
I’m Tired of the Stupidity Mixed Media on Paper 70 x 200 cm
I’m Tired of the Violence Mixed Media on Paper 70 x 200 cm

The ‘I’m tired of ..’ installation exhibited at Foundation Obras Portugal ,consists of seven paper hangings ranging in height from 2 to 5 meters, worked in mixed media on both sides, using painting, printing and stencilling processes totalling 14 images. There was a performative element where I used my body like a press to print falling creatures within the layers of grids, textiles and texts. This work was in response to previous pieces about my deep feelings on the Grenfell tragedy and my frustrations by the authorities showing little compassion with the victims. The disaster by itself and the broader concept of a world in which this can happen brought me to more general feelings on injustice both in the wider world and in my personal life. With a final layer of printed building materials I suggest a space where they were trapped between looking out on to the world and looking into a vanishing private world.https://www.instagram.com/stellawhalley/

Miguel Noya from Venezuela added a sound composition to the installation, inspired by the ‘ I´m tired of …’  rantings, suggesting both blaming, frustration and disillusion, he created  a mix of sounds with a pitch gradually building. He says he used ‘the Shepard tone to create the illusion of infinite ascending in pitch or descending in pitch of a sound wave ,which relate to the printed bodies falling up or down. The particular effect of this tone is that it does create a feeling of discomfort or tension if presented alone and as background of some Music’. For this composition he used sounds of electro-post-industrial , barking dogs, speeches and casinos and local sounds from a marble cutter, a church choir and sheep bells. https://godwinoya.com